Friday, December 13, 2013

Artists I Love: Nan Lawson

Good morning from a very much dark and rainy Sweden! :)
I am a bit sleepy this morning, but really excited about the new projects I am working on!

I will share them soon, but in today's post I'll have a guest star
(she does not know about this yet!)
So, let me introduce the pop and whimsical art of the amazing Nan Lawson!

This talented Californian illustrator runs an Etsy shop full of little gems, expecially for those who keep more of a bit of geekness in their hearts - which is definitely my case! : )
Nan defines her work as "cute, quirky and nerdy", and it's really difficult to disagree when you look at her lovely illustrations featuring a wide range of iconic nerdy characters, from superheroes to tv series. And being the huge Wes Anderson fan that I am, I immediately fell for her "Moonrise Kingdom" inspired print. Actually, most part of Anderson's filmography - from "The Royal Tenembaums" to "Fantastic Mr. Fox" to "The  Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" just fills my heart with happiness! : )

But don't you worry, if your inner nerd is more into Doctor Who, or Marvel comics, or 19th centry English literature, you will still find the perfect little print to satisfy your taste, I promise! : )

Link: Nan Lawson on Etsy

Disclaimer: my "Artisans&Artist I love" posts are NOT paid or sponsored in any way by the featured artists.
I simply aim at sharing creations and illlustrations that I genuinely love with my readers. I strongly believe that supporting local artisans and independent artists is a way to -slightly- shift an unfair economic system towards a more sustainable path. And, of course, to surprise our beloved ones with unique and original little gifts. Enjoy! : )