Sunday, December 22, 2013

Details from a messy Christmas tree! does not have to be perfect, 
it just has to be merry and festive, right?   : )

-something from last year (a little porcelain train from Denmark)

-something from a second hand shop 
(I had to fix this tiny house with a bit of glue, but I think it's so cute!)

- something perfumed.. (dried orange slices & gingerbread)

- ..and something sweet (candy canes & chocolates just need to be on our Christmas tree!)

- something handmade, from a friend (so delicate!)

- something Scandinavian (a little good luck tomte)

-something I made..

- and glittery dinosaurs, of course! : )

- bonus: little guests between the presents! 

Wish you a lovely Advent Sunday!



  1. It¨s lovely!!!
    Happy Christmas!!!

  2. Your Christmas tree is unique and beautiful! Gingerbread cookies? How original! The tomte is very interesting as we don't have such a tradition here!

  3. Your Christmas tree is beautiful. So many cute items :)
    Hugs Maria

  4. Bellissimo! Anche il nostro è un macello, ma almeno parla di noi!

  5. Beautiful tree. I so wish I could hang gingerbread and orange slices on my tree but with three dogs they wouldn't stay there long!