Thursday, December 5, 2013

DIY Festive Necklace Mini Tutorial

 A super quick tutorial that won't require more than
10 minutes of your time, for a pretty little necklace
to wear during the holidays! : )

(I confess I already wore this piece once, and I think it looks really cute when paired with a fluffy angora sweater)

This is a really simple tutorial which only involves basic assembling techniques, but the final result is so festive that I thought it was worth sharing! : )

The supplies are just few little things that you probably have at home if you are into crafting:
a piece of green suede (but some felt could work too!), some round glass beads in red (or in white, in which case your pendant will resemble mistletoe instead of holly), a few jump rings&pin heads, a charm of your choice (such as a micro key or a tiny bell), and of course a necklace chain.

Not showed in the pic: pliers, wire cutter, scissors.

Step 1: cut out two tiny holly leaves from suede..

..and insert a jump ring in each one (I used a needle
to pierce a hole in the suede before inserting each ring)

Insert a pin head into every bead, cut it at about 1 cm from the bead, and use pliers to bend it into a tiny hook. Once the first berry is ready, close the next hook around the first one and so on, to create a little cluster.

Use one last jump ring to connect the beads cluster, the leaves and (optional) a cute tiny charm of your choice. I went for a tiny key, because it's one of my personal obsessions, but I also love the idea of a mini bell that jingles a bit at every step you take. : )

Et voila.. a simple, pretty necklace that would also make a lovely gift for a friend..
I was happy with this version and I did not try the mistletoe, but I'd love to see the result using white frosted beads. And if you decide to make this on your own, send me a pic to share! : )

See you tomorrow,
lots of love,



  1. muchas gracias por el tutorial , muy bonito



  2. Thank you! I love this cute and easy tutorial.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. Que tutorial más bonito. Gracias , un beso y Feliz Navidad!!

  4. Hello Mijbil,
    That is a great and very elegant project.
    Big hug,

  5. This is a great, and adorable tutorial! Thank you!

  6. Stupenda! Grazie per il tutorial.
    Saluti, Faby

  7. Wonderful tutorial thank you for sharing.
    Hugs Maria

  8. super cute idea! and it looks lovely and festive!