Monday, December 16, 2013

Generation 3

New week and new post! : )

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, and I want to share with you some cute little creatures to brighten up a dark winter Monday!

This is the third generation of my beloved Hat Babies, mini creatures that give me so much joy but also a little heartbreak whenever one of them is sold.. they are all OOAK creations, and I miss them so much once they're gone!

I hope you will like them too! :)

Actually, I also sculpted a very limited Mini Edition of my Hat Babies, even tinier than usual and at a special price! 
The Golden Owl and the Polar Bear were immediately adopted, but the micro Red Elf and the Fox are still available in the Hat Babies section of my shop. :)

Comparison pic! :)

I hope you like them, and I'll leave you with a pic of the snowman & snowdog I made last weekend with my neighbours' son. Such a pity that now all the snow is gone! 


  1. unos bebes preciosos , no me extraña que te cueste un poco cuando se venden, el muñeco de nieve , muy divertido



  2. Your Hat babies are adorable! I like the big eared one too! The snowman is cute but I think the dog steals the show!!! Very well made! I wished we could have some snow here but it's never cold enough!

  3. Me encantan todos y cada uno de ellos, se ven adorables!!!
    besitos ascension

  4. Oh I could just look at these precious perfect little ones all day! xoxoxxx

  5. I love your new minis but I really love the snowman and dog. Just fabulous. I bet you and your neighbour's son had a lot of fun making them.