Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gift wrapping inspiration: Scandinavian

This is not exactly a tutorial, but a super simple&cute way 
to make your Christmas gift even more special! : )

When the time comes to choose a nice way to wrap the presents, I tend to prefer quick and easy solutions.
And this year I found the right inspiration in the same kind of Nordic patterns that I also used for my miniature elves and Nativities! : )

The truth is, very few things are as festive and Christmassy as Scandinavian decorations - so why not to use them to embellish our presents too? : )

Plus, the whole process won't take more than a couple minutes per gift, I promise!
Just make sure that the brown paper you use is thick enough to protect the items and avoid the paint to get to what's inside! Acrylic paint usually gives no such problems, but if you want to be extra safe you can always double wrap your presents! : )

All you have to do is choose a couple colours you like - white and gold or white and red make quite traditional combinations, but yo could also try something more modern, such as for example silver and white on dark blue paper!

Just trace some quick motifs on the upper part of the present - short lines, dots, crosses, tiny "V" etc.

Super easy, and the final result looks even more lovely in person! 
And of course it all gets better if you have a proper Swedish gnome to help you! ; )

And that's how I decorated most of my presents this year. But if you are looking for more inspiration, don't forget to check my previous posts on the subject: 
: )

See you tomorrow!


  1. You have really brilliant ideas! Your simple yet beautiful design makes all the difference in the wrapping!

  2. Oh so adore this idea!!!! xoxoxxx

  3. Hello from Spain: great idea. Nice proposals. Keep in touch.

  4. Thank you Sylvia for all the wonderful beautiful ideas.
    Hugs Maria

  5. I can't stop smiling at the adorable little character in the top photo with his fabulous hat. So cute. Your wrapping paper idea is fabulous. Simple yet effective. I think it is always lovely when someone has done something by hand also.

  6. Incredibilmente facile... e sono proprio belli! Grazie per il suggerimento!

  7. Love using kraft paper too. I usually use baking twine and washi paper to decorate it though.
    And I love your blog, so inspiring, makes me almost want to run and write some blog posts. hehe :D