Monday, December 9, 2013

Giveaway winner & a pink dinosaur!

Hi, and sorry if today's post is a bit late!

We have a special guest here today. As you might remember, last year I bought a lovely and extremely kitsch glass t-rex for my Christmas tree. Hector the Dinosaur quickly became a beloved Christmas mascotte at our place, and when a few days ago I saw another dino ornament in the same shop, I just couldn't resist! : )

So please welcome Aiace (meaning Ajax in Italian), the glittered pink brontosaurus! 

He kindly accepted to pose between my cyclamens before reaching Hector on the Christmas tree - our fir is still a work in progress that I hope to finish soon! : )

And now, time to draw the winner of my Nativity Giveaway! :)

I am so sorry that I had not the time to do it the old fashioned way like I did last year - paper notes are so much funnier and personal than a random number from a website. But seriously, I went to sleep past 4 a.m. last night, and today I hardly managed to take a break to eat. : )

So, the drawing had to be made via
I inserted the number of participants..

and got this result:

The winner is therefore the author of the second comment, who is..

12Create, namely Sharee of Myrtle Manor Miniatures!
Congratulations dear, I will ship out your prize as soon as I get yor address! :)

Once more, many thanks to all those who entered this little contest!
And if you come back tomorrow, you will find a yummy surprise.. don't miss it! : )

Wish you a lovely day (or a good night, depending on where you live..)
big hugs,



  1. Complimenti alla vincitrice!

  2. Thank you for the chance and congratulations to the winner

  3. Oh such a cute ornament!!! Congrats to the winner yay! xoxoxxx

  4. Felicidades a la ganadora y a ti gracias por el sorteo.
    Un abrazo.

  5. I am so far behind with reading blogs at the moment but I had to skip to this one when I saw the giveaway winner was announced. Imagine my surprise and excitement when I found out it was me. This is my first ever giveaway win and what a fabulous prize. The Nativity set will take pride of place in Edward's Christmas box when I work on it next year (I have run out of time to do it this year).
    Mij I have sent my address via private message on Facebook.
    I also must not forget to say in my excitement that the two dinosaur ornaments are just fabulous. Love them.

  6. Congrats to the lucky winner ;-)
    ..and the dinosaur ornament is truely "disco" :-)

  7. Que bonito el dinosaurio rosa, es muy fashion. Felicidades también a la ganadora y a ti , gracias por el sorteo. Procuraré estar mañana por aquí para ver que sorpresa nos trae tu blog. Besos

  8. Complimenti alla vincitrice. Favoloso il dinosauro mooolto bello wonderful.
    Buona settimana.
    Have a nice day

  9. felicidades a la ganadora y gracias a ti por la oportunidad
    ese dinosaurio es un adorno muy curioso , no lo habia visto nunca



  10. Hello Mijbil,
    Congratulations to Sharee. The dinosaur is adorable. I look forward to seeing him in the tree.
    Big hug,

  11. Complimenti alla fortunata vincitrice.
    Saluti, Faby

  12. Congratulations to the lucky winner!
    Thank you for the chance.
    Hugs, Drora

  13. Congratulations to the winner!!! Oh I love your dinosaur ornament! My son loves everything dinosaur and I can't believe I didn't think of making or buying a Christmas ornament like this!