Sunday, December 15, 2013

Let it snow - reloaded

Ok, that's cheating a bit.. but I like these pics from last December so much that I really couldn't miss the chance to repost them!

My boyfriend came back from Florence last night, and all I want to do today is take care of him, cuddle on the sofa and maybe get downtown to see the Christmas markets. Oh, and hot chocolate, there's always room for hot chocolate in my life! :D

These pics were taken by a good friend of us on a cold snowy morning.. the whole photoset was completely unplanned, my boyfriend and I were both wearing casual clothes, I had messy hair and no makeup. And still, the result was so cheerful and natural
that these soon became some of my favourite pics ever! : )
(full photoset here)

The red pixie elf was a handknitted gift from my mom, and the location is our garden - which now looks so dark and rainy, in comparison!

I hope that those of you who already saw the pics last year won't mind me reposting them.. and for the new readers, I wish they can convey some of the Christmas atmosphere that we feel in the air these days!


Lots of love, Mijbil



  1. que bonitas fotografias , no me extraña que sean de tus favoritas , se os ve muy bien , felices fiestas



  2. I remember them from last year but they are worth posting again ;) Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs Maria