Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Christmas wishlist

In case you were wondering.. the Desolation od Smaug was just great! :D
(no spoilers, so feel free to read on) 

I think I enjoyed it even more than the first movie. Great locations, amazing acting, and a riveting storyline - barely slightly related with the book's events, to be honest, but still, 3 hours of great entertainment! I still don't get why they turned the poor Thranduil into half a psycho, but it is also true that Peter Jackson's elves are, in general, very different from how I always imagined them to be. : )
Funny fact: I saw the original movie in English, but some of the dialogues were in Elvish or Orcish.. with Swedish subs! I can proudly say that I understood about a half of those parts! :D )
Overall, a great great movie.. don't miss the chance to see it!

And for today, a very quick post..because I am preparing a big surprise for tomorrow!
And yes, this is my Xmas wishlist.. Santa Claus needs reliable information, right? ; )

 A fake fur throw: cozy, luxurious and cruelty-free : )
(this one is from West Elm)

A whimsical ring, like this hammered piece from Elisha Marie on Etsy, so cute!

A long sling of led lightbulbs, like this lovely one from Granit.

A really big, cozy&soft white oversized sweater
(I've been procrastinating the purchase of a piece like this since last winter, while looking for the perfect style and wool blend. So yes, maybe it's better if Santa waits until I've made up my mind :D )

A little, delicate glass vase from Cocomo. It floats on any water surface, creating the illusion of a flower suspended in mid air.  : )

Any print from CreatureComforts' art shop, so cute!

One of Magweno's fantastic creatures! : )

Something warm&colourful to brighten up Swedish winter days - like this scarf from The Knit Kid, for example! : )

..and a colourful slouchy hat to go with the scarf! :P
(from NoliePolieOlies)

And finally.. a sequined silver maxi shirt - sort of useless, I have to admit, but so terribly cool! : )

(ps: as usual, none of the featured products has been sponsorized in any way by the people/shops/companies that sell them. Just some of my personal favs - and yes, this is why I will never become a rich blogger! :P )


  1. Wonderful list. I would love the first one myself :))))
    Hugs Maria

  2. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures. I like your wishlist . Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014. Keep in touch

  3. yup the desolation of smaug was waaaay better than the first one, mainly because we follow several stories (much like the LoR trilogy) the first one was mainly about Bilbo going away.
    Nr 2 of hunger games was pretty nifty too (in case you don't belong to those who are either HG or LoR fans - I like both :D)