Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Swedish Dala Horses

Good morning! : )

I got up really early this morning - many parcels to ship and projects to finish! - and I have to admit that I haven't got accustomed yet to the darkness of Scandinavian winter mornings. Pitch black in the backyard, and the lights of giant Christmas tree still shining in front of the house.. it really looked more like midnight than early morning! :)

But thankfully the snow is coming soon, and it will bring a magical glow all around!

And speaking of typically Scandinavian things, today's post features one of the most famous symbols of Sweden, the Dala Horse!

When I was just a child, I got a little wooden Dala horse from a friend of my parents, who had just come back from a trip to Sweden. But I guess that at the time I was more into plushies and miniature dolls, and I could not really appreciate the peculiar Nordic style of that ornament.

Now that I live in Sweden I've become more and more interested in traditional Scandinavian patterns, motifs, and subjects. So my gnomes got red and white decorations on their hats..

..Joseph from my Nativity scenes looks a bit like a Swedish tomte (the garden gnome)..

..and inevitably, after a while, some miniature 
Dala Horses joined the company! : )

Oh, I love these little fellows.. plus, they're fun to play with - I created my own tiny army for this shooting! : )

Some of the tiny Dala Horses are still available for adoption.
And if you haven't done it yet, don't miss the chance to join my Christmas giveaway and win the tiniest Nordic Nativity! : )


  1. una preciosidad y diminutos , me encantan



  2. Very very nice - mooolto belli - ciaoooo

  3. I love your tiny horses they are beautiful.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Where are they sold? I 'd like to purchase some of these! Could you dad a link please?!?