Sunday, December 8, 2013

Teeny tiny gingerbread!

Good morning from cold, snowy Sweden! : )

How are you going to spend this Advent Sunday?
I'm planning a morning of work, and then a quick ride in the snow - oh I'd love to spend the day indoor, or maybe playing in the snowy garden, but we really need to get downtown and buy some groceries! : )

And right now, with the snow falling outside, this town looks a bit like a gingerbread vllage!

My unconditional love for everything that is Christmas-related also includes gingerbread cookies, of course, and all the more so when they come in a teeny tiny shape. : )

Last year I dedicated a whole post to the cutest and more scrumptious-looking cookies on the net, and another one to the edible gingerbread house I made myself. 

(yes, that was very much imperfect, but still cute! :P )

And while I'm working on a special tutorial for a super cute DIY gingerbread Christmas gift (I hope I'll be able to share it next week!), I'll now introduce the miniature version of the traditional Scandinavian gingerbread house which has joined Mijbil Creatures' collection this year! : )

But of course I couldn't really publish this post without an overview of the coolest Christmas cookies I've set my eyes on during the last weeks, right? : )

So I'll leave you with this mouth-watering selection of little treats.. maybe an inspiration for an afternoon of baking?
(just click on the images for the sources!)

Ps: miniature Nativity Giveaway, last day to join! :)
And tomorrow I will draw the lucky winner!


  1. That is one adorable tiny gingerbread house! I made some (well regular size, not the miniature ones) few years go with my boy and his cousins and it was so messy LOL

  2. Oh oh oh! Now that may be one tiny gingerbread house but I am letting out a big squeal over it!!! Such tiny perfection! xoxoxxxx

  3. Well, now I'm just hungry, hehe!

  4. que bonita casita! me encantaa ^^ gran trabajoo besitoos

  5. Anch'io adoro i biscotti di Natale e ne faccio tanti ogni anno. Ho provato pure a fare una mini gingerbread house di fimo anni fa, ma la tua è bellissimaaaa!! Anche la scatolina!!