Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tokidoki Unicorns

I tried my hand at working with vinyl toys last year, with a Kidrobot Mini Munny.

He turned out to be a lovely little faun, that I kept for myself while deciding to create many more for my Storenvy shop. As a base for my sculptures I used a range of Kidrobot blank art toys, such as Mini and Micro Munnies and even a couple of Dunnies. But I discovered in time that many other companies offer customizable toys for artists and sculptors, and when I set my eyest on the cute, chubby unicorns by Tokidoki I decided I had to get some of those! :)

I actually cheated a bit this time, since the customizable version of the toy is way too big for my personal taste. : )
So I bought some colectible mini unicorns (that had already be printed with different patterns), and I sanded, sculpted, primed and painted them to create entirely different and unique creatures. And despite the obvious abuse of pink, turquoise and gold, I am rather pleased with the result.
I was looking for a baroque, overadorned effect, and that is undeniably what I got.. for good or for bad! : )

So, unicorn number one, here we go!
He was actually turned into a fierce dragon, with a fluent pink mane, three huge horns and golden scales on his back.

The second one remained a unicorn, but got his share of extra decorations too!

And yes, there is a turquoise striped kitten on his head, because.. 
because why not, after all? :P

I think they look pretty cute together, and I'll soon list them in my shop.
I hope they will find a lovely new home!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Springtime creatures

Although the weather is still quite unpredictable here - right now my house is surrounded by a thick white mist, for example - springtime is officially here, and deserves some celebration! : )

So we'll have flowers..



..and teeny tiny baby chicks of course! : )

Bonus pic: some purple crocus flowers from the park.. so maybe springtime is coming to Sweden too, after all!

Wish you a lovely week!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Two dolls

Just a very quick post this time. :)
I am very excited about some unexpected new projects, but also pretty much in a hurry!
So, I'll keep it simple: two mini dolls (less that 1.5 inches high)
with jointed arms, lace dresses, and flower crowns - yes, you are going to see
 more and more flower crowns on Mijbil Creatures, ha! :D 

Both available in my Etsy shop - ok, I haven't listed the bunny doll yet, but I'll do it later today, I promise! :)

Bonus track: a quick before&after comparison of the strawberry cake I made last Sunday.. kind of makes me want to bake another one right now! : )

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The spring Jackalope

Before stumbling upon the amazing creations of the talented Magweno, I have to admit that I had no idea about what a Jackalope was. But after seeing Maddy's beautiful art dolls (and after adopting one, but I'll talk about this later in another post), I surrended to the charm of these mythological creatures - a Jackalope is basically a rabbit with deer antlers. 

So, here's a vinyl toy version of a Jackalope - again, starting from a Kidrobot Micro Munny base.
He is wearing a delicate flower crown - because springtime is coming, and I just can't seem to get enough of flower garlands, I even ordered one for myself! :D

As all of my art toys, the Jackalope has a golden&silver tattoo on his back, representing.. another Jackalope, actually!
He is not available for sale, because he has been adopted after staying in my Storenvy shop for just a few hours, and he is now on his way to his new home in the US. I'm definitely going to miss him!

Group pic, 'cause they looked just too cute all together, isn't it? : )

Ps: as you might have noticed, there was a tiny Jackalope in my previous Hat Babies post. He reached the sweet Sani Amani in Spain, and she was so kind to send me the cutest couple of tiny felted bunnies.. aren't they adorable?

Don't miss the chance to take a look at her FB page, her felted baby animals are just stunning! :)

Wish you all a lovely Sunday!


Monday, March 10, 2014

Springtime Hat Babies!

You all know how much I love to add new characters to my Hat Baby collection.. and of course, with the first spring flowers bloming in the gardens and the sun finally shining over Sweden again, I could not resist the temptation to sculpt a whole bunch of new tiny creatures in the softest tones of pink, white, and peach. And I also took the chance to add flower crowns, micro heart motifs and other little romantic details, for springtime is always a celebration of love and tenderness! : )

Ps: silly pic of the day, me with a short wig! :D
I always wore my hair rather long since I was about 13, but from time to time I am tempted by the idea of a radical cut.. I´m just not sure I´m brave enough! : )
What do you think? I´d love to get some suggestions!