Monday, March 3, 2014


Today it's Mardi Gras, namely the last day of Carnival, and for a Venetian girl like me it is one of the most important days of the year.. or at least it was when I still lived in Venice!

Sweden does not celebrate Carnival much - apart from the scrumptious sämlor that are sold in the bakeries around this time of the year (cardamom rolls filled with whipped cream and almond paste) - so I do of course miss the parades, concerts and parties that lighten up Carnival nights in the lagoon of Venice. 

Still, what a better day to introduce one of my latest vinyl sculpts?
As you can see, this little character was inspired by the traditional motifs of Venetian costumes, and has the typical over adorned, baroque appearance of the masks in Venice.

Hope you will like him!
And, at least once, don´t miss the chance to see the Carnival of Venice in person. I promise you won't regret it! : )

Polymer clay, metal, microbeads and crystals on vinyl.
Will be soon available on my Storenvy shop.


  1. He is just fabulous - every inch of him. Love the touch of the crystal.

  2. he is beautiful, so much detail, the red makes everything stand out, I love him

  3. Minu... non ci credo, è troppo bello!!! Super dettagliato!!! :o

  4. Impresionante!! Una auténtica maravilla!!

  5. E' meraviglioso! *____* E poi molto tenero :) Complimenti!

  6. Ciao miji...che meraviglia!!io oggi dovevo andare a c'è acqua alta!!!uffff....

  7. Omg... sono senza parole. È eccezionale. Anche le foto sono uno spettacolo, mettono in luce ogni dettaglio! Complimenti per davvero :)

  8. Wow he is amazing. The details on his costume are marvelous. I love this guy.
    Hugs Maria

  9. Dettagliatamente stupendo! E per me che ho vissuto più di dieci a Venezia questo post è un piacevole tuffo nel passato. Nostalgia di pazze serate carnevalesche

  10. un trabajo fantastico , me encanta