Monday, March 10, 2014

Springtime Hat Babies!

You all know how much I love to add new characters to my Hat Baby collection.. and of course, with the first spring flowers bloming in the gardens and the sun finally shining over Sweden again, I could not resist the temptation to sculpt a whole bunch of new tiny creatures in the softest tones of pink, white, and peach. And I also took the chance to add flower crowns, micro heart motifs and other little romantic details, for springtime is always a celebration of love and tenderness! : )

Ps: silly pic of the day, me with a short wig! :D
I always wore my hair rather long since I was about 13, but from time to time I am tempted by the idea of a radical cut.. I´m just not sure I´m brave enough! : )
What do you think? I´d love to get some suggestions!


  1. Li adoro tutti quei piccoletti!
    E fattelo dire, stavi benissimo con i capelli lunghi e stai benissimo adesso!!! I tuoi capelli hanno un volume invidiabile!

    1. Ahah, no, per ora è solo una parrucca, ho ancora i capelli lunghi lunghi in realtà :D però ci sto pensando seriamente.. :)

  2. Ho idolatrato la collezione invernale e non posso che essere estasiata da questo tripudio primaverile!!! EHI!!! Vabbè che la primavera mette voglia di cambiamenti... ma... la tua voglia di tagliare di netto la tua chioma è pura pazzia ^_^ una spuntatina non basta?!?

  3. Ces petits personnages sont magnifiques.
    J'aime beaucoup.

  4. Gorgeous hat babies and gorgeous short hair. You have lovely long hair but I think you would really suit your hair short too and bare those lovely shoulders. Besides, hair can grow back. I don't think you will regret getting a cut when you decide the time is right.

  5. Don't cut your hair! It takes so long to grow back. Maybe you could just get it trimmed differently for change. I LOVE your little people!! They are the cutest on the web!

  6. El corte de pelo es genial para estar más fresquita :) y ADORO tus muñequitos me encantan!

  7. me encantan tus bebes , son muy bonitos y bien trabajados ,
    esa peluca te sienta muy bien , aunque yo prefiero la melenita



  8. I've always had long hair too and any time I've cut it, I've wished I hadn't! :)

  9. i know there aren't any in this post but where do you find those tiny teacups ? so cute !