Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tokidoki Unicorns

I tried my hand at working with vinyl toys last year, with a Kidrobot Mini Munny.

He turned out to be a lovely little faun, that I kept for myself while deciding to create many more for my Storenvy shop. As a base for my sculptures I used a range of Kidrobot blank art toys, such as Mini and Micro Munnies and even a couple of Dunnies. But I discovered in time that many other companies offer customizable toys for artists and sculptors, and when I set my eyest on the cute, chubby unicorns by Tokidoki I decided I had to get some of those! :)

I actually cheated a bit this time, since the customizable version of the toy is way too big for my personal taste. : )
So I bought some colectible mini unicorns (that had already be printed with different patterns), and I sanded, sculpted, primed and painted them to create entirely different and unique creatures. And despite the obvious abuse of pink, turquoise and gold, I am rather pleased with the result.
I was looking for a baroque, overadorned effect, and that is undeniably what I got.. for good or for bad! : )

So, unicorn number one, here we go!
He was actually turned into a fierce dragon, with a fluent pink mane, three huge horns and golden scales on his back.

The second one remained a unicorn, but got his share of extra decorations too!

And yes, there is a turquoise striped kitten on his head, because.. 
because why not, after all? :P

I think they look pretty cute together, and I'll soon list them in my shop.
I hope they will find a lovely new home!


  1. Son preciosos!!!! y que colores tan bonitos!!

  2. no dejas de sorprenderme con tus criaturas , son muy originales y me encantan



  3. Mi stupisci sempre con le tue sognanti creazioni!!

  4. E c'è chi non crede agli unicorni... darò loro indicazioni per raggiungere il tuo fantastico mondo!!!!

  5. Beautiful job !
    Conversion with the sensitivity of a woman! it changes the "ArtToy" generally more masculine, more destroy! superb achievement! very springtime ;-)

  6. I've never seen such a lovely unicorn... My gosh, I love it! :))