Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tiny fauns & a chocolate cake

And finally, here I am!

Back to blogging, with tons of new pics and lovely stuff I want to share.. and very little time available, as usual! : )

But since writer's block (ahah) must be overcome, I'll start with something easy (and cute!): three little springtime fans I sculpted some time ago. They come in pretty pastel shades, and wear the tiniest flower crowns. A bit too "sugary" maybe? Yes, but as soon as spring blossoms started to appear in every Swedish garden and park, I felt like I needed to add some romance & flowers to my miniatures too!

The turquoise faun has already been adopted, while the white and the baby pink ones are still available in my shop

Bonus: a scrumptious chocolate & orange & Grand Marnier cake I baked last weekend!

(in case you want to try it, it's basically an orange flavoured sponge cake, slightly soaked in orange juice and Grand Marnier, filled with cream and covered in dark chocolate. Rather easy and very yummy!)

Ps: both the Tokidoki Unicorns from my last post were quickly adopted, and since I miss them already I used a pic of them as a new Facebook header - and yes, I've finally been updating my FB page too! Come and see all of the news!  



  1. The tiny fauns are adorable! I loved de unicorns too.
    *hummmm... chocolate cake!

    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for being here after such a long silence <3

  2. Yummy, the chocolate cake... :P Going to make one this weekend. The fauns are amazing ust like the unicorns. Love the pastel colour you used making the fauns. They looks so springtime bohemian. the new header of your Etsy store looks amazing. Hug AM

  3. Hello Mijbil,
    It is great to see a new post on your blog. I just love the figures you showed us and those amazing desserts made me hungry.
    big hug,

  4. Your tiny fauns are adorable!

  5. Los unicornios son adorables!!!! Y ese pastel tiene una pinta deliciosa!!!

  6. Hai fatto centro anche questa volta... Anzi hai colpito due bersagli con questo post... Il mio cuore con delicati fauni e... La mia gola con la torta

  7. Welcome back :) Your little fauns are gorgeous. I love the tiny flowers on their heads and the sweet colours. Yummy cake.
    Hugs Maria

  8. Son preciosos!! me encantan tus criaturas!

  9. I love the fauns with their floral head pieces. So cheerful and cute.

  10. Sono meravigliosi... e continuo a sorprendermi per tutti i dettagli curatissimi e piccolissimi allo stesso tempo. :)