Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Daenerys Targaryen & Tokidoki Drogon

Hello again, my friends!

I had a rather intense week - had to fly back to Italy through Denmark and Switzerland to solve a little family thing, spent a few days at my parents' while spinning between the notary, the dentist, family gatherings and food shopping - and now I am back in Sweden and I'm already working like crazy! : )

And since I have so many things to share, better to start immediately! I hope I'll be able to update the blog more often in the next weeks.. do you think I'll manage? ; )

Let's start from a new little couple!
Just two episodes of Game of Thrones left before the end of Season 4, which has been overall pretty awesome. Oh I love this show!
I also love dragons and art toys, and that's why my latest work is a custom little Tokidoki unicorn that has been turned into Drogon, the black dragon - with a teeny tiny handsculpted princess Daenerys to go with him, as some of you guessed in the comments to my previous post! : )

Drogon has a tiny Targaryen tatoo on his side, in antique gold, while the colors of Daenerys' outfit are inspired by the delicate shades of blue and silver she wears in the series.

They are available in my Storenvy shop!

But hey, lately no post seems complete to me without a few pics of my baking experiments.. so I'll leave you once more with some cake pics - in this case, a mascarpone and berries tarte I made last week. So proud of the way it turned out! : )

In case you want to bake it yourself, just prepare your favourite tarte base, fill it with a mix of mascarpone and whipped cream (sweetened with just a hint of icing sugar) and cover it all with raspberries, blackberries, currant or any other berry you like!
The last important step is.. make sure to share it with friends!
(this one lasted about 20 min before the last bit disappeared from the plate!)


  1. Tiny Daenerys and Tokidoki are fabulous!
    Fantastic fruit pie!

  2. I piccoli Daenerys e Tokidoki sono meravigliosi!!

  3. me encantan tus creaciones , son fantasticas , y esa tarta tiene una pinta genial



  4. Yum that tart looks devine. Daenerys and the black dragon are wonderful. I have to admit I have not watched the Game of Thrones but perhaps I should get it on DVD if it comes out as a set. It certainly has a lot of followers.

  5. Fai la felicità delle compagnie di volo europee... e spero che il giro non sia stato troppo stressante (notaio e dentista non sembrano promettere bene ;))
    E anche se il tempo ti rema contro le tue mani modellano sempre delle meraviglie (più o meno commestibili)! ;)

  6. I'm not a fan of GOT, but I adore your little creations so much. Very unique. Love them all!

  7. Your princess is so lovely. The dragon is special. Totally creative and fitting in a fairy tale or fantasy story! The pictures you make of you food look so good! I can't help but want to eat that pie!