Thursday, June 26, 2014

Faunettes, foxes and other tiny things

The little brown faunette you see above is currently on her way to Astralia! : )

But she has two more sisters: the Midnight Faunette, still available in my shop..

..and the Foxy Faunette (update: sold)

They are a bit more "sober" if compared to the first generation (which was an explosion of pastel shades, blossoms and flower crowns), but I like the neutral colours, minimal makeup and realistic details on these. Still trying to find out which style I like best! : )

Also, my teeny tiny foxes are finally back in stock! : )

As usual, they are pretty much grain-of-rice-sized, and can be carried around without much effort. They usually get sold out quickly, so I'm already planning to make another batch! 

And I'll leave you with a couple work in progress pics:

tiny leaf beads for miniature fairies (also coming soon!)..

..a handful of (still unpainted) tiny dinousaurs for a special project.. 
Firefly references, anyone? ;)


  1. Quanto mi sono mancati i tuoi post <3 creazioni adorabili come sempre. Spero un giorno di realizzare oggettini tanto piccoli e adorabili come i tuoi ^^

  2. Adoro il primo e i capelli di Foxy... e tutto il resto :D
    I minidinosauri promettono benissimo!!!