Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy midsummer!

Today Sweden celebrates "midsommar"! :)

The summer solstice is a big thing here in Scandinavia, and a lot of flower crowns are involved - along with food, drinks and funny/sligthly awkward dances around a pole. And as you can see from the pics, one of my stuffed owls is celebrating already! : )

I'll leave you with a bunch of pics from the last days
- you might have seen some of these already on my Facebook page (yay, right link this time! ) -
and I'll go preparing some pizza bites and a cake for tonight.
 Happy midsummer to all of you! : )

Many healthy snacks..

..some new WIP pics (new fauns and jackalopes are coming soon!)..

.. a super cute panda tee I bought in Italy a few weeks ago :)

..tiny tiny laser cut paper houses from Karin Corbin (a lovely little weekend project)..

..a tipical Nordic breakfast.. Dala horses in my shop..

..and Daenerys Targaryen with them, pretending they are her Unsullied army! :P

And finally, Swedish poppies..

..the flower crown I'm wearing tonight..

..and a very very proud little owl! : )


  1. Hello from Spain: Nice pictures. Great creations. Happy day in Sweden. Keep in touch

  2. Happy Midsummer! Your tiny Swedish Horses are Gorgeous!

  3. Everything looks so cute, and I love your panda T-shirt:)
    Happy Midsummer!
    Hugs, Candy:)