Saturday, June 7, 2014

Springtime moments

Is it normal to get up before 7am on a Sunday morning? :)

The days are so incredibly long here in Sweden in June, the sun rises at 4am and sunset is very late - we basically never need to turn the lights on! And the beauty, oh the stunning beauty all around.. blue skies, flowers everywhere, and a lot of people enjoying the nice weather outdoor. I've never been a summer girl, but after moving North I have to admit I really started to appreciate the warmth and light of long June days! 

I hope you will like the pics - random cute things from Swedish late springtime - and I invite you to come back in a coupe days.. a whole flock of tiny dragons is coming! :D

(quick confession: these cherries are actually a souvenir I brought back from my trip to Italy, eheh)

Springtime is for frilly dresses, even for a tomboy like me.. ;P

The stunning beauty of Swedish springtime..

A single red rose to celebrate the patron of Venice and the liberation of Italy on April 25th.

Family life: a stuffed tiger named after the Russian mathematician Ljapunov..

..loads of Venetian cookies (I bake them almost every week!)

..some healthy veggie suppers (this is my fav cauliflower&tomato soup, with just a hint of turkish yogurt, yum!)

..and some definitely less healthy Sunday brunches with friends! ; P

Sunny days by the seaside..

...a lot of fresh fruit (guilt-free little pleasures)

..and some new art toys just waiting to be customized! :)

Also, I painted a litle watercolour to celebrate my first 1000 Tumblr followers - such a big crowd!

Maybe you had already seen it on my Facebook page - which is
also slowly but steadily growing ♥♥♥

Oh, and if you have a Tumblr account, there's a little giveaway going on there!

On Tuesday I will draw the winner of a teeny tiny Loki figurine. Just reblog
this Tumblr post for a chance to win! :)

And that's pretty much all for now.. wish you a lovely Sunday, my friends!


  1. Hello from Spain: I really like the light of spring. Sweden is a wonderful place. Keep in touch

  2. Per me che non sono una grande dormigliona sarebbe perfetto. Giornata lunghissime, tiepide e luminose.... e invece devo accontentarmi delle tue foto, però che foto!!! Colori e luce meravigliosi! :)

    1. All beautiful. I feel slightly envious as it is heading into winter here in New Zealand and it is pouring outside and dark.