Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Thorin Oakenshield Munny Art Toy

Some projects just end up in the dark tunnel of procrastination, and never seem quite ready to be shared.

And when we have invested a lot of time and effort in something, the sense of shyness and dissatisfaction can become overwhelming.. and this is the case of my Mini Munny version of one of my favourite Tolkien characters, the majestic dwarf king Thorin Oakenshield.

The amount of work behind this fellow was honestly huge.
Just to provide an example, the tiles of his armor are entirely handmade one by one, and there's 42 of them on his arms alone. : )

I tried to be as detailed and close to the original as possible. The belt buckle, coat pattern, boot tips & arm bracers mimic the outfit he wears in the movies..

Arm bracers detail:

I used real metal beads for Thorin's braids..

..and of course I gave him a tiny replica of his sword, Orcrist (which can be removed from his hand)

It took me such a long time to complete this project (I actually started it more than 1 year ago, but I was not entirely happy with the result and I did quite a lot of repainting), but now I am finally happy with it and kind of proud to show it to you! : )

The base I used is a 4 inch Kidrobot Mini Munny.
Thorin is available in my Storenvy shop right now. : )

Oh, and if you want to have a look at my other Lord of the Rings / Hobbit inspired creations, you can find them here or here (but they're all sold out at the moment, sorry!)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rhubarb, raspberries & ducks

We all have sad days sometimes, right?

Well, this is the case for me right now - nothing terrible, but big changes in my life are approaching, and I am more than a bit scared. So what do we do to fight back melancholy?

My typical reaction is.. baking! : )

So, here is the rhubarb&raspberry pie I made yesterday (I had never even tasted rhubarb before.. big mistake! It's actually delicious!).
Maybe not all the sadness is gone, but the flaky butter crust & scrumptious filling certainly helped to see things in a lighter way..

(also: white-chocolate-dipped-strawberries, because if you decide to go for comfort food, you better do it with some style :P )

I bought fresh flowers, which also have a powerful brightening effect..

..and finally, I restocked once again my tiny ducks, that keep getting sold out in my shop.
And yet, I have only 5 of them left right now.. so I assume another restock will be scheduled soon!

For those who kept reading so far.. thank you for your attention. I am quite fine, but as I said there are big changes coming soon, and I'm not sure I am ready for them. I'll keep you updated, I promise! : )

Big hugs,


Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Crazy Cat Lady

Yes, I love cats very much, but I'm not talking about myself this time! :D

Recently, I felt the need to try my hand at more complex projects - I get existential crisis about my artwork/job more ore less twice a week, and trying to explore my limits is a good way to calm down anxiety, I found out. So, long story short, I decided to create a larger figurine, a beautiful young lady surrounded by kittens. 

I played with stereotypes a little bit: the concept itself of a "Crazy Cat Lady" is rather sexist (never heard of a "Crazy Dog Man", although a lot of middle aged men love their pets dearly too!), and by contrast I created a Cat Lady that embodies the stereotypical characteristics of commercial feminine beauty (impossibly lean legs, narrow waist, prosperous cleavage).

And then, obviously, I added a ton of kitten cuteness.. because I just can't stay serious for too long, and because cats make everything better after all! : )

So, here she is, about 2.5 inches tall and ready to join my Etsy shop!

Listing: OOAK Crazy Cat Lady & her 5 kittens

Oh, and since we are talking about kittens.. let me show you some more news! : )

These two cute little fellows have already been adopted, but I really enjoy this style of sculpting and I am planning to make more of them. What do you think? Minimal painting + detailed sculpting seems to be a god pairing for me right now. : )

And finally, another little experiment: a tiny realistic kitten, so different from any other cat I have sculpted before! It was rather complex to create, and I'm not quite sure yet I like working with this kind of realistic proportions and textures.. but he's pretty darn cute, isn't he? :D 

Available for adoption here. : )

And that's all! Wish you a lovely weekend, see you on Monday or so.. : )

Hugs & kisses,


Thursday, July 17, 2014


We went to see "How to train your dragon 2" and it was breathtaking 
and absolutely awesome! : )

And how do I deal with the things I like?
I sculpt teeny tiny versions of them, of course! :D

So, here is 1 inch of fierce dragon cuteness! I gave my tiny Toothless big puppy eyes, silver scales, and an artificial left tail-wing with a viking head painted on it. 
Hope you'll like him! : )

Ps: I am hosting a little Tumblr giveaway, and the tiny Toothless is the prize! If you have a Tumblr account and wish to join, just follow this link and reblog my Tumblr giveaway post:

Good luck! :)

(bonus pic: a very artistic portrait of myself that I like to call 
"The Unpredictability of Scandinavian Summer" :P )