Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Crazy Cat Lady

Yes, I love cats very much, but I'm not talking about myself this time! :D

Recently, I felt the need to try my hand at more complex projects - I get existential crisis about my artwork/job more ore less twice a week, and trying to explore my limits is a good way to calm down anxiety, I found out. So, long story short, I decided to create a larger figurine, a beautiful young lady surrounded by kittens. 

I played with stereotypes a little bit: the concept itself of a "Crazy Cat Lady" is rather sexist (never heard of a "Crazy Dog Man", although a lot of middle aged men love their pets dearly too!), and by contrast I created a Cat Lady that embodies the stereotypical characteristics of commercial feminine beauty (impossibly lean legs, narrow waist, prosperous cleavage).

And then, obviously, I added a ton of kitten cuteness.. because I just can't stay serious for too long, and because cats make everything better after all! : )

So, here she is, about 2.5 inches tall and ready to join my Etsy shop!

Listing: OOAK Crazy Cat Lady & her 5 kittens

Oh, and since we are talking about kittens.. let me show you some more news! : )

These two cute little fellows have already been adopted, but I really enjoy this style of sculpting and I am planning to make more of them. What do you think? Minimal painting + detailed sculpting seems to be a god pairing for me right now. : )

And finally, another little experiment: a tiny realistic kitten, so different from any other cat I have sculpted before! It was rather complex to create, and I'm not quite sure yet I like working with this kind of realistic proportions and textures.. but he's pretty darn cute, isn't he? :D 

Available for adoption here. : )

And that's all! Wish you a lovely weekend, see you on Monday or so.. : )

Hugs & kisses,



  1. è deliziosa questa bambolina, anche tutti i suoi gattini. ma l'ultimo è davvero incredibile. Complimenti

  2. Che carina!!Quella potrei essere io!!!!

  3. All adorable. I am sitting cuddling my two cute kittens as I read this. I also love the little blanket the crazy cat lady is standing on.