Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rhubarb, raspberries & ducks

We all have sad days sometimes, right?

Well, this is the case for me right now - nothing terrible, but big changes in my life are approaching, and I am more than a bit scared. So what do we do to fight back melancholy?

My typical reaction is.. baking! : )

So, here is the rhubarb&raspberry pie I made yesterday (I had never even tasted rhubarb before.. big mistake! It's actually delicious!).
Maybe not all the sadness is gone, but the flaky butter crust & scrumptious filling certainly helped to see things in a lighter way..

(also: white-chocolate-dipped-strawberries, because if you decide to go for comfort food, you better do it with some style :P )

I bought fresh flowers, which also have a powerful brightening effect..

..and finally, I restocked once again my tiny ducks, that keep getting sold out in my shop.
And yet, I have only 5 of them left right now.. so I assume another restock will be scheduled soon!

For those who kept reading so far.. thank you for your attention. I am quite fine, but as I said there are big changes coming soon, and I'm not sure I am ready for them. I'll keep you updated, I promise! : )

Big hugs,



  1. We all feel sad sometimes :) and usually changes work out for the best. I hope the changes are not as bad as you fear. Your pie looks yummy I love rhubarb. Your tiny ducks are adorable. Take care.
    Hugs Maria

  2. having just come through a sad time, I have an understanding of how you must be feeling, a bit of advice I was given was not to be too hard on yourself, life has its ups and downs and together with friends and family you can ride them, your baking looks fantastic, xx

  3. Thinking of you. You have good creative outlets to deal with your worries and those ducks are so adorable. Surround yourself with things you love. Take care.

  4. Ah gli alti e bassi della vita, spesso piĆ¹ bassi che alti! Ma poi tutto passa....
    Complimenti per la crostata e le paperelle!!!

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