Thursday, July 10, 2014

The faun, the Jackalope & the Night Fury

Hello from an incredibly warm&sunny Sweden! : )
It's been really hot here recently, and last Sunday we even went swimming in a lake in the countryside.. so funny & so very Swedish, eheh!

But after the weekend I immediately went back to work. 
I am currently busy wih no less than 6-7 different projects,
 and working from dawn to sunset, no joke! : )  
One of the reasons of this peak in efficiency is the absence of my beloved boyfriend, who is attending a conference in Holland. And while I miss him very much, I am also trying to take advantage of his absence to sculpt & paint as much as I can - so far, it seems to work!

So, here are my latest vinyl toys - yes, you already know I like fauns and Jackalopes, so the subjects shouldn't really come as a surprise. : )

They were both created using a 2.5 inch Micro Munny as a base.
The little faun was adopted immediately after putting him for sale in my Storenvy shop, while the Jackalope is still available here: Micro Munny Jackalope Rabbit - and one of my fav pieces so far. : )

But I guess that - from the post's title - you were expecting a dragon too.. I can only show some work in progress pics right now, but he's almost finished. I am proud to introduce..

..Toothless, the black Night Fury from How to Train Your Dragon!

Oh I am so proud of the tiny painted detail on his tail! : )
I haven't seen the second movie yet - I'll wait for my boyfriend to come back, so we can watch it together at the theatre - but I am already over excited about it. Well of course I am, because.. dragons! :D

A few more things: the cutest tee shirt ever (got it in the mailbox a few days ago after waiting for almost a month, and wore that immediately!)..

..a super untidy workspace (creative minds can be a bit chaotic sometimes.. or maybe I am just a hopelessy messy kind of person!)

..and a couple work in progress pics from my first attempt at sculpting a realistic kitten. So far, I like it!

Hope you enjoyed the pics! Thanks for your lovely and supportive comments, it means so much to me to know that my work is appreciated. I know other websites - like Tumblr, for example - can quickly reach a larger public, but I still feel like this little blog is, in a way, my first "home" & my favourite corner. And I am so proud that in June it reached 12.000 monthly visits for the first time ever!

So, thank you all for the amazing support.. and if you want, take a peek on my Facebook page, which is now being updated rather often. I will post more and more WIP pics, in case you are curious! ; )

Big big hugs from Sweden,



  1. I LOVE Toothless... It is so lovely! I haven't seen the second movie, but I can't wait to see it too:)
    The faun and the jackalope are also so cute:)
    Hugs, Candy:)

  2. Siempre que en la barra lateral de mi blog sale una actualización de mijbilcreatures, vengo rápida e ilusionada porque se que no me vas a defraudar. Me vuelven loca todos tus personajes mágicos. Son encantadores y con tantos detalles maravillosos que parece de verdad envueltos en magia.
    Trabajas de maravilla y soy una gran admiradora de tu trabajo.
    Ya estoy deseando ver el dragón terminado, y desde luego, tienes una buena forma de llenar la ausencia de tu novio, muy productiva y positiva.
    Un abrazo desde España

  3. Congratulations to all !
    The Faune and Jackalop are in the purest style "Mijbil".. I particularly love Thoothless , so tiny and so alive , very great achievement especially for the small size of the dragon !
    And bravo for the realistic sculpture of the kitten, you're on the right track ;-)
    ...personally I find your workspace not so bad never see mine ! XD ... I'm agree with you : creative minds can be a bit chaotic sometimes.. :-)
    It is always a pleasure to browse your blog!
    Denis aka Schloung

  4. What a lovely feast of photos. I love the flower crown on the Jackalope, Toothless is so cute as is the kitty and your new t-shirt is fabulous - love it.