Friday, July 4, 2014

Three fairies and half a Maine Coon

I've had the pleasure of being responsible for the neighbours' cat this week
.. isn't she just adorable? : )

Name is Inka, she's half a Maine Coon and 100% cute. I expected her to be a bit suspicious & lonely due to the absence of her family, but she was in fact really cuddly and sociable. Also, she seemed to like posing (while my cat only stands still until 1 second before you try shoot her a pic, every single time).

But now, back to business! : )

Remember the tiny leaf beds I posted some time ago?

It's finally time to show you who's going to skeep in there!
These micro fairies are almost grain of rice sized - I know they look much 
bigger in pics, but trust me, they aren't!

This little one has already found a new family..

..while this little baby with a fuchsia hat and light blue wings is available on Etsy.

And so is her pink sister! : )
You can find her here.

Hope you will like them, and I wish you a lovely summer weekend!

Big hugs,



  1. Che bel micio,e che carina la microfatina sulla foglia!

  2. Inka รจ adorabile!
    Bellissima la fatina sulla foglia.

  3. Absolutely adorable - love them.

  4. Inka is so lovely! Like your little fairies, I really like the ones with pink hat:)
    Hugs, Candy:)