Friday, December 5, 2014

And the shop is open! :)

So, here's the big news: my Etsy shop is finally back! :D

And yes, I am totally overexcited about it, especially because I had to wait longer than expected for my packaging material, and now I am finally ready!

So, welcome back to Mijbil Creatures!

Some miniatures are already available..

..will many others will be listed soon, I promise! :)

Oh, and one more update: I finally got an Instagram account, and it turned out to be a lot funnier that I'd have imagined! :)

So, here I am: Mijbil Creatures. Join me and I'll gladly follow you back, I am new there and I need more friends to follow and awesome inspiration for my feed! : )

Mijbil Creatures on Instagram

All for now! And since my mom is visiting these days, I should better get ready for a dinner out.

See you in a couple days! :)

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