Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Around The World Blog Hop

Some time ago La Civetta Chiacchierina invited me to join Around The World Blog Hop, but being the terrible procrastinator I am, I ended up being quite late with my post.
And yet, I never forgot about this lovely opportunity to describe my own work and invite another artist I love to join this initiative.. so finally, here is my post!  : )

What are you working on right now?

Little art toys, mainly! : )

I miss my teeny tiny miniatures, but I love the idea of sculpting prototypes that might get cast in resin or vinyl. I had to postpone some of my projects due to some unexpected changes in my life, but I really do hope to be able to get back to work on my Jackalope toys right after the Christmas holidays.

Apart from that, I am also sculpting some more One Of A Kind Munny fauns, and devoting the rest of my time to drawing and painting. : )

What makes your work different from everybody else's?

A rather cute and feminine approach to Art Toys, I'd say - pastel colours and delicate traits are not so common yet when it comes to vinyl toys.
I generally try to combine my interest in fantasy and mythology with my love for design and more modern traits. I think it's easy to notice the struggle between the attempt to keep the design as minimal as possible and the (very Venetian) instinct to add more and more intricated patterns and decorations! : )

Why do you do what you do?

Because sculpting and painting are probably my greatest passions, and because very few things can compare with the pleasure of holding a finished object that we have designed, crafted and refined in every detail. : )

Also, because there's a vibrant community of talented artisans out there!

And when it was my turn to pick an artist to invite, I immediately thought of the stunning felted creations of Sani Amani
I have the privilege to own a couple of her miniature animals (two tiny bunnies, perfect in every detail and incredibly cute), and I also have the pleasure to invite you to take a look at her amazing work. 
Have you ever seen a more beautiful felted fox? : )

And thanks again to La Civetta Chiacchierina for inviting me! 
Don't miss her adorable creations and delicate paper jewelry  : )

See you in a couple days for the next Advent post!


  1. Hello from Spain: I really like your creations. Well done. Keep in touch

  2. Thank you for choosing my work to feature! ^^ I love the whole post, it looks amazing! Well, now it's my turn to make one, thank you Mijbil ^.^ hehehehe