Thursday, December 11, 2014

Meet Silke The Cat

We've had a furry guest for a couple weeks (while his owner was on holiday).. 
He didn't stay for so long, after all, but it was enough to turn our flat into a mess, I have to admit. 

Silke apparently loves to bump into random objects, destroy glasses (even better if full of water), sit in the sink, dig into flower pots, scratch the couch and bite our shoes.

And he is, overall, quite adorable - althught not terribly bright, I have to admit. : )

So, see you soon silly cuddly cat, miss you already!


  1. What an adorable clown! Yes, some cats are very full of mischief! But they do make wonderful lap warmers! At least you can have your home back now!

  2. Che bello questo micione.Sono sicura che gli avete perdonato tutto!!!

  3. Hello from Spain: lovely...keep in touch