Sunday, January 25, 2015

Munny Jackalope WIP

Now that I have an Instagram account I am way more costant it taking pics of my progress.. and I hope you'll enjoy this step by step making of - I am working on a new Micro Munny Jackalope, yay! 

Ears first..

..trying on the flower crown..

..priming all body parts..

..and then it's time to paint! : )

And yes, again that time of year when I am *obsessed* with pink..

(yep, my sketches *always* look that shaky, lol)

..but the final version is better, uh? : )

I'll soon take pics of the finished work! :)
In the meanwhile, please say 'hi' to Ninja, the black kitten! :D

(yes, he loves my bedroom's window!)

Big hugs,


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