Sunday, February 22, 2015

Scribbling and sketching

No matter how silly there little drawings are.. 
it's great to be back to drawing, and I'll keep it going on! :)

Also: I posted this little drawing of a recurring accident (dirty paint brush dipped by mistake in my coffee cup), and I found out it's a very common artist problem! :) 
Can you confirm? :P


  1. Ma io li adoro i tuoi disegni!!! Ho le tue stesse penne... ma non proprio la stessa mano :D
    E confesso che anche a me è mancato poco per il tuffo nella tazza del tè!

  2. I love your cute little sketches!! ... and omg, yes... I do the paintbrush thing all the time -_-;;

  3. Your pictures are amazing, I adore your style, wish I could draw like you xoxoxo