Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Daenerys Targaryen custom Micro Munny + some extra dragons

Less than a month to the new Game of Thrones series! Yay! :)

And I decided to celebrate with my own Munny version of 
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen.. with dragons, of course! 

Yes, she's small, but very very detailed. I handpainted intricate geometric patterns on her vest, dress, and on the wings of her dragons. And from her braided hair, to her necklace, sandals and dragon tattoo on her back, everything about her is inspired by the opulent costumes she wears in the series.

Available for sale in my Storenvy shop. :)

As some of you might remember, she is not my first Munny version of Daenerys.
This was the one I made a couple years ago, one of my first vinyl customs:

Still like her chubby features and colorful style a lot, but I think there have been improvements in the last two years. I think it's so interesting to look back at the evolution of someone's style and technique.

Oh, and a few more details, of course ; )

One more thing: I am currently hosting a little Giveaway on Tumblr, so if you have an account there don't miss the chance to join! :)
Just reblog this post to get a chance of winning three teeny tiny Game of Thrones inspired micro dragons! Yay!

Good luck everyone, and see you soon! :)


  1. Ok lo ammetto la mia cultura in fantasy si è fermata con Atreyu che cavalca Fucur... però la tua cura nei dettagli mi riempie ogni volta d'ammirazione. E naturalmente non sono rimasta indietro sono con il fantasy... non ho ancora un account tumblr ^_^ niente draghetto per me ma taaanti complimenti a te!

  2. Mi piace molto il tuo stile e le tue creaturine sono molto originali. Brava continua così.
    Ciao Betty23

  3. Ciao mijbil!!era davvero da tanto che non passavo e ho visto un sacco di belle novità, le tue ultime creazioni sono bellissime,hanno dei dettagli perfetti e poi i tuoi gatti sono <3 <3 stupendiii!!!!voglio rimettermi in carreggiata con il blog quindi apero di ripassare presto! ciaoo

  4. Oh my goodness those cute little dragons are so tiny.

  5. me encanta la nueva version de la famosa Daenerys, y su pequeños dragones , y todo su trabajo