Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tattoos, dragons, and one more unicorn please

Oooops, I did it again :)

So, dragons, six of them to be precise. And a silver horn, a black mane, and some intricate abstract tattoos..

..and a teeny tiny dragon tattoo on the back, 
I thought it was very much needed! :)

This little custom Tokidoki Unicorno is available here.

Oh, and we have a guest: the cute little creature you see in these pics is Söt (meaning both "sweet" and "cute" in Swedish), and she will stay with us for a cople weeks, until her owner comes back from a trip. Isn't she adorable? : )

She can't walk well, due to some neurological problems, and she's shaking quite a lot, but she's literally the sweetest and cuddliest cat I've ever met! :)

And of coure our cat, Ninja, is incredibly jealous..

..but we love both of them very much! :)

Wish you a lovely Sunday! :)

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