Sunday, June 7, 2015


"Fears" feels like a rather odd title for a June Sunday morning post. :)

But despite the blue sky and the warm sunlight gently shimmering through the trees, the subject of this post will be slighly creepy - not too much, I promise!

So, remember the miniature "bottled fears" I sculpted not so long ago?

I really liked the concept of representing rather dark feelings such as angst or panic through chubby, kinda cute little sculptures, so I decided to create a larger version of them, starting from some Kidrobot vinyl Micro Munnies as a base.

And here is the final result, hope you will like it!

Polymer clay on vinyl, acrylic paint and a matte sealant to protect the details.
Available in my Storenvy shop. :)


  1. me encantan , son fantasticos



  2. deliziosi amorosi mopstriciattoli.
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