Thursday, July 2, 2015

..and a trip to Venice!

Yes, I went back home for just a few days - for a rather odd reason, actually: my parents organized some kind of neighborhood party at their place, and were in need of logistic help from their daghter (and by "logistic" I mainly mean making a *huge* lot of canapés).

Anyway, it was a great opportunity to ask my father for a tour of the Venice lagoon by boat - something I had not done  in a few years - and to shoot some really colorful pics in Burano, a small island which is famous for the bright shades of its buildings.

And then, well, Venice itself - or the many wonders of a city of marble and water.
Can't wait to be back again! : )


  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. Venice is a gorgeous city though it is many many years since I have been it is not a city that you would forget.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Ciao mijbil, sono molto contenta che Venezia ti sia piaciuta è una città molto romantica e piena di storia e originalità. Io abito vicino a Venezia e quando vado a passaggiare non finisce mai di stupirmi ^_^
    Ciao alla prossima

  3. Mi hai fatto scendere la lacrimuccia in ricordo dei 12 anni trascorsi a Venezia... La foto del barcone di frutta di S.Margherita: il mio fruttivendolo di fiducia ^_^